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Life changes I have a pretty busy life with my work and many other things I do.   I love to write and have been enjoying the world of blogging and tweeting, meeting people from all around the world.  I have … Continue reading

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Blogging – Tweeting – Engaging For about two months I have been bolstering my web-presence by checking out blogs and adding them to FEEDLY.  I send blogs to BUFFER and schedule tweets and blogs on HOOTSUITE.  I began tweeting and … Continue reading

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Scott McPherson Novels

Novels by Scott McPherson, M.D. A Step Ahead of Death  The first Jack Sharp, M.D. novel.  Jack, a middle-aged family doctor, loves to walk for exercise.  One fall day while taking his walk on the bike path near his office, he … Continue reading

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Social Media and Me     I have had computers since 1982 when I bought my first Apple IIe.  I began using the internet around 1990 with a dial-up modem.  I’ve been on Facebook for about 6 years, but it … Continue reading

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Published? Are you or have you been published?  Have you already written your book? As I talk to people about writing and authoring a novel I find more and more people have already dabbled in writing.  Many say “I started … Continue reading

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Pushing Beyond the Page: Getting Published Traditional Publishing I don’t claim to have all the answers when it comes to getting your work published.  There are many factors to consider when making the decision about how to publish your work.  … Continue reading

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