Witness In The Window

Witness In The Window

Jack is back! In Witness in The Window, Dr. Jack Sharp faces the greatest challenge of his life.

Jack Sharp, MD and his new family may be targets of an old enemy bent on Jack’s destruction. Unable to do much to prevent a possible crime, the detectives face a mystery of their own. They have to stop a series of attacks that have occurred on Lincoln’s bike paths, panicking the community. The answer may be locked inside the mind of a Korean War veteran whose health and memory are declining. Jack and his new family provide comfort to a dear neighbor while they do their best to hold up in the midst of chaos happening in their lives.

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About the Book

Witness in the Window is the third book in the Jack Sharp MD Novels series.    In time it follows “A Step Ahead of Death” in time by a year-and-a-half.  The setting is Lincoln, Nebraska in the spring of 2009. In a home near where Jack lives, an old man sitting in a wheel chair, witnesses an attack in the dark of night along the bike path, which runs behind the house where he lives.   When a motion detector switches on a security light which reveals the attackers face, Wayne, the old man, sees him clearly.  The problem is, Wayne hasn’t spoken a word in three years.

Jacques Levant is looking for revenge.  He suffered in his last encounter with Dr. Sharp and wants to see him pay dearly for the pain he has caused him.

Jack, now married to Kathy, has begun to see what he was missing all the years of being a single physician.  Now a father and grandfather to Kathy’s children he understands the great responsibility he has taken on as well.  When he is informed that his old nemesis, Jacques Levant is possibly out to get him, he takes steps to meet the threat, but will they be enough?

Detective Justin Samuelson is called upon to solve the mystery of the bike path attacks.  He enlists is former lead detective Rebecca Sweate, to help him solve the crime.  Justin gets side-tracked when he finds out that Jacques Levant is back on the war path and may be trying to hurt Alicia Winters whose friend was murdered for stealing one of his precious diamonds.

Jacques Levant has designed an intricate plan to wreak havoc upon the good doctor, and everyone involved in his previous failure.  Having lost his leg he now wants to get even.  His primary goal it to cause pain, especially to Dr. Sharp.

Stymied in their investigation, attacks keep happening on bike paths around Lincoln.  Rebecca eventually settles on a suspect, but following this lead seems to go nowhere.

Jack does what he can to protect his family while trying to be a good father and husband.   When disaster nearly tears their family apart he takes them away to try to gain some peace and calmness back in their lives.  Though, perhaps a road trip is not the best medicine.

Wayne, the old man who witnessed the earlier attack, continues his silent vigil.  Chinks in his enforced silence, however, seem to be developing.  His daughter and Jack design a plan to give him some comfort as he draws near the end of his life.

Levant and his schemes are a match for the detectives and Dr. Sharp.  He has what seems like the ultimate solution to his “problem.”  He holds all the cards and no one knows where he is.  Though his first attempt is thwarted, he is undaunted in pursuing his quarry.  He will not be deterred to gain the ultimate victory in his fight.

Jack and his entourage make their trek to Washington D.C. to visit the war memorials and gain some closure for Wayne.  Near disaster sets them back, but they proceed, nonetheless.  Finally the witness wakes from his silent world.

All roads lead back to home.  Jack and his family return safely and Wayne begins to gain strength.  Justin and Rebecca are not much closer until a surprise disclosure settles the issue.

Publisher: Esengo Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paper and Kindle
Length: 374
ASIN: B00T1Q56X0
ISBN: 0991100832

List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $3.99
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