Congo Mission

Congo Mission

Congo! Africa! – Conflict and conspiracy! Jack Sharp MD – missionary physician faces his greatest challenges

Jack Sharp thinks he’s just another missionary on his way to Africa. What awaits in Congo will change his life! Challenges in treating disease in jungle conditions seem like nothing compared to armed conflict and facing a smuggler. If that isn’t enough, enter a beautiful young woman. Will she distract him from his purpose? Will he fall for her?

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About the Book

Congo Mission begins in Dr. Jack Sharp’s younger days as a missionary in Congo in the 1980’s.  As a Christian missionary Jack has stepped out beyond his comfort zone into an unfamiliar world desiring to do what he believes God wants of him.  He is challenged by daily activities as he tries to learn the local language and culture surrounding him.  Facing challenges in every aspect of life, from daily meals to life saving surgery, Jack’s skills, knowledge and faith are tested as he learns what existence as a missionary has to offer.

Outside of his awareness, forces are gathering which will impact his life forever.  His will and character get a work out as well when danger and intrigue engulf his new life.  Nevertheless, his future is brightened by a beautiful young woman while the peaceful jungle erupts as the seeds of rebellion begin to grow.

The corrupt John Levy sets in motion a plan to enrich himself.  As his own plan dissolves his life becomes intertwined with Jack Sharp, and they find themselves thrust against each other in a deadly competition.

Publisher: Esengo Publishing
ISBN: 9780991100804
List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $.99
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