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On my website I want to take you into a world, not too different from the one we live in now.  I write realistic fiction and prose intended to transport your senses to a place just outside your being.  You can see yourself walking alongside me and my characters.

I live a normal life, not too exciting, but not dull either.  I have always had passions and hopes.  As you read my works I desire for you to find your passions.  Let me help you along the way and teach you even as I learn more and more about people and the world around us.  Do you want to publish a book?  Pay attention to what I have already learned.  Do you like a murder mystery?  Read “A Step Ahead of Death,” my first novel.

My life has taken me down many avenues and I am still walking.  Like Jack, my main character in my series, “The Jack Sharp Novels,” I am a physician.  I have cared for many people with physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.  As I treat patients I can’t always bring about a cure, but I know how to help.  Have you ever experienced the birth of a baby?  See what it is like from a physician’s view.  Have you sat with a seriously ill patient?  I have been there and you can experience this in Jack’s life.

I have lived in a variety of locations, including Congo in Africa.  Curious about the jungle where Ebola and malaria reside?  I will take you there in “Congo Mission,” my second book in “The Jack Sharp Novels” series.  This thriller explores the depth of evil found in men and the redemption available to all.

Relationships are of paramount importance to all of us.  In my novels, my characters are no different. They do things and have roles in the stories, but they have their own stories.  While not a romance writer, I do have a romantic streak and my characters have their own emotions to express.  Jack falls in love, but he can be rejected.  He lives a single life for much of his adulthood, but that ends when he finally falls for the woman whom he has waited much of his life.

Jack, the husband and father, must protect his new family.  The upcoming novel, “Witness in the Window,” pits Jack against an old enemy who pulls strings from afar.  This mystery novel brings us back to the present, having looked into Jack’s past in “Congo Mission.”

As a flight surgeon in the Air Force, I have traveled widely and trained for many contingencies.  Join with me and follow Jack as he leads us to places you may only have imagined.


The Author

Scott McPherson, M.D. has found that he not only loves to write fiction, but his readers love his books.  Often a patient chides him for ending his first novel with a cliff-hanger and making them wait to find out what happens next.  Author of three novels, he continues to look ahead to new projects and ideas for additions to his series about Jack Sharp, M.D.  He has successfully looked at his own life experiences for ideas of plots and characters.


Scott is a family physician, husband, father and grandfather.  He has over twenty years of military service in the Air Force and Air National Guard.  He has traveled widely, both in the Guard and as a missionary in his twenties.  He has had the privilege of serving in Africa for over a year as a medical missionary.  His military career has taken him to many distant locations, as well, including Turkey, Iceland, Guam, Antarctica and more.

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  1. Emily Parker says:

    Dear Dr. McPherson,

    I am trying to track down the film/TV rights to your book, CONGO MISSION. Do you have an agent or manager who handles the film/TV rights on your behalf? If so, would you be so kind as to forward me their contact information?

    We have a database for film/TV rights to books; our clients are production companies, studios and management firms. I can be reached at eparker@rightscenter.com.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    emily parker

  2. Tony Sakalauskas says:

    Nice to have met you.

  3. Jackie Weger says:

    Scott: You tagged me on Twitter. So what’s up? Are we talking via eNovel Authors at Work?

    Jackie Weger

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